Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Interview with Saginaw GM, Tom Lusty

Q: What is your earliest hockey memory? Your most memorable hockey moment(s)?
A: Earliest hockey memory has to be attempting to play goalie in my driveway with make shift pads. I didn't have a blocker so I just used 2 roller blading knee pads. Yea I wasn't so hot at goalie back then either...Most memorable would have to be watching the Stanley cup finals between the Avs v Devils. Roy v Brodeur, Sakic, Forsberg, Bourque. A ton of hall of famers duking it out, and when you factor in that we traded Bourque just so that he could have a chance to win, it was great!

Q: Favorite hockey team/players. Why?
A: I don't really have huge favorites. I find myself more a fan of the game in general. A good game is a good game, and will pull me in whoever is playing.

Q: Why do you like hockey?
A: Hockey takes more than just a strength in any one skill. It takes a much more balanced athlete to be good at hockey. You can take someone who is very strong, or fast, or someone who is very bright and they all have a slot on a football, or baseball, or most teams. But in hockey you can't have such a concentration of talent in individual players. Players need to be more well rounded if they want to have a future in the sport, and that feels more natural (and fun) to me.

Q: What did you do on your day with the Stanley Cup?
A: Well the misses and I threw a lovely party and used it as a jello mold. And I certainly had a few bowls of cereal out of it. Everything just tastes so much better when eating out of Lord Stanley's Cup :)

Q: What was your key to success last year?
A: Good goal tending drove my success last year. That and some solid sleeper picks. I just had a solid, not amazing, not poor, team of skaters, with a very very strong pair of goaltenders. And it worked like a champ (see what I did there?)

Q: You knew this was coming. Why is your team struggling in 2009?
A: Well as you might have noticed I've been ravaged by injuries. I had 2 first round picks this year, and picked goalies that historically are very very good, and they are on track for career lows this season. Hell Carolina is the worst team in the league, that means they don't win much, meaning I don't get many points. That definitely hurts when he was a 1st round pick. Oh, and then he got injured. Minnesota hasn't exactly been hot either. I think those two high picks doing SO poorly is a big reason why we're in the middle of the pack and not near the top.

Q: Who do you like in the Olympics?
A: USA! Is there any other?! I don't have a favorite NHL team, but the national pride runs deep. Whether we have a shot or not, I haven't the slightest, but hopefully we'll put up a good fight.

Q: Positives going forward?
A: I'm excited that I picked up Rask, as he's already paying dividends, and has many years ahead. There are a few younger forwards that I'm looking forward to developing, Stastny is only going to get better, and Clutterbuck has really made an impression on the Saginaw Brass. Good things for the future indeed.

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